o/ …ehi!

Titling the first post “Hello World” is too predictable and boring, I suppose. Well, maybe I should have named it so, since all the blog will be predictable and boring (I’ll try to put some effort in being original :P). Then, let me first apologize to you, both for the predicable-boring issue and for my not-mathertongue english writing skill. What is this blog all about? Yet another programming blog in which I will drop some snippets of code, projects, test, experiences, ideas… together with everything else you don’t care, like stuff concerning my professional life and thoughts (I’ll introduce myself in the “About” page).

Leaving the latter apart, the first part that you do care (or at least surely much more than the second), will involve big-data topics. Now, I hate two things in the world:

  1. anchovies on the pizza
  2. the word big-data

The number 1 because (OK, if not for the horrible English, now you’ll understand I’m from Italy for this) when you eat pizza with anchovies on it, you really can’t understand what is that flavor you have in your mouth. It is so strong and misleading that you could be chewing a sock with an anchovy on top and you wouldn’t feel the difference. “Big-data” for computer science is …continue reading →